Creating Particles

Creating Particles in Polygonjs is done with the node particles_system_gpu. As the name says, the particles will run through the GPU, using a set of glsl shaders on your graphic card.

Creating those shaders can be quite some work, but luckily Polygonjs abstracts that for you. Here is a 4 part tutorial:

Part 1/4: The Basics (3 min)

This first part shows you how to create a particle system and how to make points move.

Part 2/4: Apply Materials (6 min)

This part 2 of the tutorial shows you:

  • how to apply materials
  • how to create instances

Part 3/4: Add Mouse Interaction (3 min)

This part 3 of 4 of the tutorial show you:

  • how to use the picker node to add mouse interaction
  • have the mouse influence the particle simulation

Part 4/4: Make Text Reform (10 min)

This last part 4 of 4 of the tutorial show you:

  • how to manage a state within the particle system
  • create a rest position
  • use the state to revert to the rest position