Part 1: Introduction (2 min)

This part gives you a quick overview of both methods to instantiate geometries. You will see how to:

  • Change the inputs points count to update the number of instances.
  • change the input to update where the instances are as well as their rotation.
  • Add attributes, such as scale, to modify each instance individually.

Part 2: Evaluate the graph for each instance with the Copy node (5 min)

This second part dives deeper into the Copy node. You will see how to:

  • instantiate a different geometry for every point, using the copy expression.
  • use the copy expression multiple times to add even more variation.
  • chain Copy nodes one after the other.

Part 3: Get many instances at render time with the Instance node (5 min)

This third part explains the Instance node. You will see how to:

  • edit a custom material to affect each instance individually.
  • create many instances, with little impact on performance.
  • animate any variable inside your material.