Finding Documentation

There are several ways to read help on how to use documentation on Polygonjs from within the app itself:

Hover over a parameter

Only some parameters are currently documented, but when they are you will see their description by hovering over the label:

Parameter Tooltip

Hover over a node input/output

You can also hover over the input or output of a node.

Input/Output Tooltip

Documentation still in progress

Note that only the nodes that create glsl code have those tooltips for now.

Access a node documentation

You can also read documentation about a specific node, but clicking the help button when present.

Node Documentation

For instance here is the help page for File geometry node.

Most node help page will also have examples, which can be a great way to kickstart your own project.

Documentation still in progress

Note that only a few nodes are currently documented. They are: The File and Data geometry nodes, and the Shader Buider material.

Get in touch

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