All Nodes

The nodes are grouped into contexts, similar to how they are organized in Houdini.

  • OBJ Nodes are the top level ones, where you would create cameras, lights, geometry containers and material containers.
  • SOP Nodes or Surface Operators allow you manipulate geometries, such as points, polygons, lines as well as attributes on them.
  • MAT Nodes are materials, which you would apply to geometries to define their look
  • COP Nodes or Compositing Operators are used to manipulate textures.
  • Event Nodes are were you define user interactions, such as camera controls and picker nodes, which controls what happens under the mouse cursor.
  • GL Nodes allow you to create custom glsl shaders without having to write code. They are similar to VOPs in Houdini. You can use them inside MAT nodes, as well as the Particles System GPU SOP and the Builder COP.

The documentation is still in progress, but you can start by some of the most important nodes:

Geometry nodes

Material nodes

Texture nodes

  • Builder COP, which allows you to create textures with GL Nodes, just like you can for materials.

Event nodes

  • Camera Orbit Controls defines how camera will respond to mouse movement from user.
  • Picker will give info on world position and attribute values are under the mouse cursor.

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That's it for now. The documentation is still being written. Feel free to Register for the beta or Follow us on Twitter in the mean time.