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Doc > Nodes > SOP > Switch

Allows to switch between different inputs.


no description


Name Type Description
input integer sets which input is used

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	// create a scene
const scene = new PolyScene();
const root = scene.root();

// create objects
const geo = root.createNode('geo');
const sphere = geo.createNode('sphere');
const box = geo.createNode('box');
const tube = geo.createNode('tube');

// create a switch
const switch1 = geo.createNode('switch');
switch1.setInput(0, sphere);
switch1.setInput(1, box);
switch1.setInput(2, tube);

// create a copy node to instanciate
// the result of the switch to the points
// of a plane
const plane = geo.createNode('plane');
const attribCreate = geo.createNode('attribCreate');
const copy = geo.createNode('copy');
plane.p.size.set([4, 4]);
copy.setInput(0, switch1);
copy.setInput(1, attribCreate);
attribCreate.setInput(0, plane);
// with a pscale attribute we can vary the scale of the instances'pscale');
// this expression will give a random value for each point

// add a light

// create a camera
const perspectiveCamera1 = root.createNode('perspectiveCamera');
perspectiveCamera1.p.t.set([5, 5, 5]);
// add orbitControls
const events1 = perspectiveCamera1.createNode('eventsNetwork');
const orbitsControls = events1.createNode('cameraOrbitControls');

// mount the viewer
const element = document.getElementById('app');
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