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Doc > Import Assets > Models

From a Url

Start by opening a new scene, either from the demo or your dashboard, then click on the + Add Node button. You will see a dropdown menu to create a new node. Select geometries->geo

Create Geo Obj Node

Then double click on the node. This will move you inside the node, and you will then have access to a different context, the surface context. You can now create nodes that are specialized in manipulating surfaces, or geometries.

So click again on the + Add Node button, and this will show a dropdown menu with different choices. Select inputs -> file.

Create File Sop Node

Once you've create the file node, select it and the its parameters will show up.

File Sop Params

As you can see, its main parameter is called url. This is the url it is loading the model from.

You can try and change it via one of its presets:

File Sop Presets

Or you can simply set the url to a model that you have uploaded to a different website.

Note that when using the presets, some models have very large scale. In order to have them fit in the viewport, you can either move the camera back, or reduce the scale of your object (which can be done either with a transform node or using the geo node transform parameters ).

The model may be an obj, glb, fbx. There are quite a few common formats that are automatically recognized.

From your local drive

Now you may find it cumbersome to have to upload your models to a server before being able to import them here. That's totally understandable, especially if the model is heavy, or if it is frequently updated.

This is one of the main reasons that Polygonjs offers a local version, so let's use it, it will make importing much easier.

As you can see, the url param has a file browse button just next to it. And it will allow you to quickly pick models that are under the public folder.

This is really convenient and makes it very easy to add assets, or update an existing one.

And now, let's have a look at how to import textures ->

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